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What Could Cause Cool Spots in My Home?

If you think that our mild winter weather means that you don’t need a great performance from your home heating system, think again. Sure, we aren’t going to be facing heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures. However, there are plenty of cold nights ahead of us, and your heater should be able to heat your house successfully throughout the season.

As is the case with most heating problems, a heater that leaves cool spots in your home could be the result of a few different issues. We’ll discuss some of the most common causes below. If you are struggling to heat your home evenly, our technicians are sure to help.

  1. Poor insulation. If you have cold spots in your home during the winter, and warm spots during the summer, and they seem to develop in the same area(s) of your home, then bad insulation in those areas is likely the cause of the problem. Your insulation is there to prevent the unwanted heat transfer that can lead to these exact problems, as heat naturally moves toward cooler environments. If you do have subpar insulation, or if your insulation has been damaged in any way, give us a call and we can get the right amount of the right insulation in place.
  2. Leaky ductwork. Using a forced-air heating system, like a furnace or a heat pump, is incredibly common. These systems are generally quite reliable when they are regularly tuned up. However, if your air ducts are leaking, there is no way in which you can expect them to distribute heated air throughout your home successfully. We can investigate matters and seal your air ducts as needed.
  3. Undersized equipment. This last one is really not a situation that you want to encounter. If your heater is simply too small to heat your home evenly and effectively, repairs aren’t really an option. Replacing the system with an appropriately sized one is really the only way in which to resolve the problem.

Do not underestimate the need for quality heating in Phoenix, AZ. Schedule your heating services with Goettl Air Conditioning.


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