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What Are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

While our winter weather is decidedly of the more mild variety, especially when compared to that of our neighbors in the mid-west or the northeast, it is still important that we have effective, efficient, and reliable heaters installed in our homes. It is our belief that homeowners deserve to live comfortably throughout the year, regardless of what the weather outside may be like. With that in mind, we recommend that you choose your heating system very carefully. One option that is well-worth your consideration is the use of a radiant heating system in Phoenix, AZ. There are many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you opt for radiant heating, provided that your system is expertly installed and serviced by a trained professional. Ensure that this is the case by scheduling service with Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.


In our modern age, quiet can be hard to come by. While furnaces and other forced air heating systems can be quite effective, they also make more noise than radiant heating systems do. If you really want to invest in a heating system so quiet that you’ll practically forget it’s there, were it not for the warmth it provides, then a radiant heating system may be right for you. No air is blown throughout the house, eliminating the sound that comes along with it.


Radiant heating systems are also quite efficient, as there is no threat of air loss via leaky ductwork. Radiant heaters apply heat to surfaces directly, such as the walls and/or floors of your home. That heat then radiates out to objects in the room, human bodies included. All of the heat generated by a radiant heating system, then, is put to good use.


Forced air heating systems have more mechanical and moving parts than radiant heat systems do. This inherently means that they are more prone to operational problems. If you are serious about investing in a very reliable heating system, then a radiant heating system is hard to argue against.

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