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What Are the Benefits of a High Efficiency Commercial AC?

One of the major expenses of running a company in Phoenix is the electrical power used to run the air conditioning system that makes the workplace comfortable during the lengthy hot season in central Arizona. No indoor location where people congregate can endure for long without an AC to counteract the heat that often remains above 100°F for weeks at a time. For a productive business, it is especially critical to have a cooled-down environment for the productivity of workers and the contentment of customers/clients/tenants.

However, you don’t have to accept astronomically high bills to run your commercial HVAC in Phoenix, AZ. You have the option to install a high-efficiency air conditioning system for your company. Although these ACs cost more to install than standard efficiency systems, the potential savings they can offer to a business that requires almost constant cooling are tremendous.

They can assist you with discovering what a high-efficiency AC can do for you and the long-term savings it can bring to your business.

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The principle benefit of a high-efficiency air conditioning system is a major reduction in power use that results in savings. Effectively installed, one of these systems can save a Phoenix business up to 60% in energy costs during a year. That’s a significant chunk removed from the yearly budget, which you can redirect into other parts of the business. And these systems won’t cause a drop in cooling power for your employees and/or customers; high-efficiency air conditioners use less power to run, but they produce the same level of cooling as less efficient systems.

Most high-efficiency ACs operate using special “scroll compressors,” which not only allow their reduced energy use, but also mean a longer life for the system because of reduced stress. Scroll compressors also run at quieter levels than standard compressors.

A high-efficiency system also reduces the environmental impact of your company. It’s a way to make your business more “green” without sacrificing comfort, and it also helps keep your company up to code.

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