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UV Germicidal Lights: Destroying Biological Pollutants

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that the standard air filter in their HVAC systems is all that they need to preserve the integrity of their indoor air quality. This is not true. In fact, that air filter is not even there for your indoor air quality, really. Its primary function is to protect your HVAC system itself from the buildup of pollutants.

Designated air filters with higher efficiency ratings can be integrated into your system in order to protect your indoor air quality. However, certain pollutants can’t successfully be filtered from the air. When talking about biological pollutants, pollutant destruction by way of UV germicidal lights in Tucson, AZ is the way to go.

When Filtration Isn’t Enough

If you are trying to rid the air in your home of dust, dirt, and other such pollutants, then trapping them on an air filter is certainly a suitable way to go about it. Biological pollutants differ greatly from dust and dirt particles, though. These are living microorganisms, such as viruses, mold, and bacteria. They are often too small for most residential air filters to successfully remove from the air. Even if they are trapped on the filter or in the air cleaner, though, there is another problem to consider.

These pollutants can reproduce. If you trap them on a filter, they are going to be stuck in one place. They can still multiply their numbers, however, and that can lead to further problems. Destroying them is a much better option.

UV germicidal lights use ultraviolet light rays, much like those that can give you a sunburn outdoors, in order to disrupt the biological processes of these pollutants. They are rendered incapable of reproduction, and can be killed off. Using UV germicidal lights is a great way in which to make your home a more healthful living environment.

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