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Duct Cleaning Tip 1: Benefits of Duct Cleaning

While we often hear of the energy efficiency of our heating and cooling systems, we often forget about our ducts. Whether you have sheet-metal or small flexible ductwork running through your walls and floors, it’s critical that they are in top operating condition to ensure that your AC runs well throughout the cooling season. Energy efficiency, performance, and air quality all depend upon the cleanliness of your ducts. In this post, we’d like to explain to you some of the benefits of duct cleaning. For more information, or to schedule Tucson duct cleaning, make sure you call Goettl Good Guys today!

  • Air quality. The EPA recommends that you clean your ducts when there are visible signs of dust, mold, or other debris. While no scientific study has yet proved that dust in and of itself is hazardous to your health, it’s common sense that we don’t breathe as well in a dusty space. We cough, we sneeze, and we feel like we’re breathing dirty air. Duct cleaning can improve the air quality in your home by eliminating the dust and other debris that build up inside your air ducts. Mold, pollen, and dander are also eliminated, and if you’re particularly sensitive to allergens, then you may want to consider installing other indoor air quality devices to prevent them from entering your ductwork.
  • Energy efficiency. How can dust impede airflow? There is a common look of incredulity when we tell our customers that even a small layer of dust in your air ducts can seriously cut down on your energy efficiency. Having your ducts cleaned is a great way to ensure that your airflow is optimized at all times. Whether your energy bills have increased gradually over time, or have spiked from one month to the next, you may have a duct blockage that needs to be cleared.
  • System life. Ensuring that your ducts are clean improves their condition. When dust and other debris are allowed to accumulate on the interior of your ducts, they can cause system imbalances and increase the wear and tear on other aspects of your cooling system.

Still unconvinced? For more information about Tucson, AZ duct cleaning, call Goettl Good Guys today!

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