Air Conditioning Repair FAQ 1: When Should I Call for AC Repair?

With much of the summer ranging in temperatures well over 90 °F, it’s important to ensure that your Tucson air conditioning works well before the severe temperatures hit. But time is ticking, and after firing up your AC this spring, you may have already found that it does not work quite right. Perhaps, it makes a strange noise during operation, or it doesn’t cool as well as it did last year. Whatever the problem, make sure that you make any necessary repairs sooner than later. One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “when should I call for AC repair?” That depends, but if you think something is wrong, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For more information, or to schedule Tucson air conditioning repair, call the experts at Goettl Good Guys today!
  • AC won’t turn on. If your AC won’t turn on, it’s probably an electrical or thermostat problem. You should check your circuit breaker first to see if you have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit. If not, then there may be an electrical fault somewhere in the power supply, or possibly a damaged wire. Handling electricity can be dangerous so make sure that you hire a professional to take care of any electrical repair.
  • Inadequate cooling. If your cooling system no longer works as well as it did last year, or it feels like it should work better, then there is probably an airflow problem, or perhaps a mechanical issue with your blower or compressor. If your air filter is clogged, then it could be blocking the airflow, thus causing the evaporator coils to freeze over.
  • Spike in electrical energy bill. If you notice a spike in your energy bill without a corresponding increase in usage, then there is a serious efficiency problem in your cooling system. You may be losing cooled air through an air leak, or there may be an airflow blockage somewhere.

Whatever the problem with your AC, it’s important not to delay the repair. Neglecting or ignoring problems, even the most minor ones, can often lead to major and costly ac repairs in the future. For exceptional Tucson, AZ air conditioning repair, call Goettl Good Guys today!