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Tips for More Affordable Cooling

While certain areas in the country are bracing for cooler weather, we here in Arizona have nothing but hot and sunny days ahead of us for the foreseeable future. You are going to be running your air conditioner consistently for a while longer still, so you need to know that your system is operating reliably. Of course, you also need to know that it is operating efficiently.

You don’t want to be paying too much to cool your home when you are cooling your home as much as we do in this area. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace your entire air conditioning system in order to cool your home more affordably, either. Consider the following tips for more affordable air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Block out the sun. A lot of heat can be gained in your home just from the sun shining in through your windows. You don’t have to start blacking out your windows with paint or shoe-polish to get the job done, either. A far more fashionable option is simply to invest in energy efficient curtains. Draw them shut before leaving for work in the morning, and help to eliminate the heat gain that can drive up temperatures in your home.
  • Control your AC more accurately. If you have an old dial or slide thermostat in your home, it is well past time to replace it. Even just investing in a digital device can help you to set temperatures more accurately, and that alone is enough to help dial back energy use. By using a programmable thermostat, you can further boost savings without putting your comfort when you first arrive back home on the chopping block.
  • Schedule maintenance! There is no simpler, nor more effective, way in which to protect the efficiency with which your home cooling system operates. If you are not scheduling air conditioning maintenance diligently every year, you cannot complain that your system is costing too much to run!

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