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Tips and Tricks for Hot Weather

red-thermometerThe summer season here in Arizona can be brutally hot. Chances are that you enjoy the heat if you have decided to make this area your home. Even those of us that love it the most, though, understand the need for a respite from the sun’s rays. Obviously you cannot just hole up in your house and crank the AC all summer long. You’ve got a life to live, and we’ve got some hot weather tips and tricks to help you get through the hottest time of the year unscathed.

Of course, once your day is over and done with, you do want to have a cool, comfortable home waiting for you. That is where our team of professional air conditioning technicians comes in. We have the systems and services that you need in order to cool your home effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Give us a call when you need any air conditioning services in Las Vegas, NV.

Eat the Right Foods

When you need energy you may be tempted to pack in the carbs and animal proteins. Those foods are important, but when the weather is really hot out you don’t want your digestive processes to heat your body up any further. Sticking to lighter fare, including fresh fruits and vegetables along with cold prepared salads, can go a long way toward helping you to feel more comfortable when temperatures rise.

Drink the Right Liquids

We all love our coffee in the morning, and you may like to imbibe in an alcoholic beverage or two at night or at the end of a long workweek. Everything is fine in moderation, but try sticking to non-caffeinated and alcohol free beverages when the weather this is very hot. Coffee and liquor are natural diuretics, and may increase the risk of dehydration.

Wear the Right Clothes

Ditching the long pants and sweaters in favor of sandals, shorts, and t-shirts is a pretty obvious move in the right direction when it comes to dressing for the summer season. There is a lot more to consider than just the length of sleeves and pant legs, though. You should also opt for natural fibers, like cotton and linen, which breathe much better than synthetics. You should also consider wearing lighter colors that will not absorb heat the way that darker ones can.

Schedule the Right Services

Remember when we told you that you’ll want to have a dependable AC waiting for you at the end of the day? Well, scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is definitely the right thing to do if you want to get the most from your system. Routine maintenance is a must if you want your air conditioner to function as effectively and reliably as possible.

Bonus Tip: Take a Dip!

The fact that we don’t live on a coast doesn’t mean that you have stick to the bathtub to get in some water time. Enjoy your exercise while also staying cool by visiting any of the local public pools in our area. Here is a guide for those throughout Clark County.

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