The Year-Round Role That Insulation Plays

Some people may think that insulation solely serves to keep heat in their homes from escaping. Because our weather is generally fairly warm—or incredibly hot—some homeowners may fail to realize just how important their insulation in Tuscon, AZ really is. In truth, insulation plays a vital role throughout the entire year, both when temperatures soar, and when they drop below comfortable levels. If you do not have the right amount of insulation in your home, your comfort will suffer in a few different ways. Read the following information, and contact us if you suspect that your insulation could use some work. The technicians at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning will ensure that you have the right amount of insulation in your home, and that the right insulation products for the job are used.

Protects Energy Efficiency

The most important role, and certainly the primary intention, of insulation is to protect the efficiency with which one is able to both heat and cool his or her home. This is thanks to the fact that insulation serves to stop unwanted heat transfer, and in both directions. During the summer, your insulation will help to keep heat from the air outside from entering your home. During the winter months, as you run your heater in order to keep your home comfortably warmed, your insulation will help to keep that heat inside, where you want it. Heat will naturally try to move from a warmer environment to a colder one, and insulation is all that is stopping it from succeeding in this goal.

Protects Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit of insulation is that it helps to prevent pollutants from making their way into your home via gaps in your home’s envelope. Now, this is not the primary directive of insulation, and having insulation in your home doesn’t mean that you won’t need air filters or other IAQ solutions. It is an added benefit, though, and one that your insulation will only provide if enough of it is installed in the applicable areas of your home. Contact us today to schedule quality insulation services.