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The Problem with Waiting Too Long for Air Conditioning Replacement

In most parts of the country, one of the best times to arrange for air conditioning replacement is during the late fall, when temperatures are dropping from the summer highs but haven’t yet edged over into full-blown winter colds yet. This is a period when homeowners don’t need to worry about cooling their homes and when HVAC technicians have more open schedules because they aren’t answering numerous heating emergency calls. For similar reasons, early spring is also another ideal time for new air conditioning installation.

In southern Arizona, the situation is a bit different, since we have warm temperatures throughout most of the year. Air conditioning replacement in Sahuarita, AZ is something you need to leap on the moment you think you need it: don’t delay calling the team at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to take care of the job when the signs point to your old air conditioner failing permanently.

There are a number of reasons that you should not procrastinate when it comes to replacing an aging air conditioner. The main one is that the climate in southern Arizona is unpredictable when it comes to heat: you may suddenly need the air conditioner working for you at any time of the year. If the system is on its last legs, you don’t want to have it breakdown in the middle of a surprise heat wave. It is always better to have an air conditioner that is prepared to handle anything; don’t take a chance with an older system that is showing signs of shaky performance.

Another reason to move fast when it comes to AC replacement is that a declining system will cost you much more to run. An air conditioner that has received regular maintenance will usually keep around 95% of its efficiency for most of its service life. But in the last year of operation its efficiency will start to drop precipitously as its components wear down. Even if you still enjoy the same level of cooling from it, you will pay a much higher price to run it. A new installation will usually give you energy efficiency that is even better than your old system when it was new.

Make sure you pay close attention to your air conditioner’s operation if it is approaching (or beyond) its manufacturer’s expected lifespan. If you notice a rise in your heating bills, a drop in comfort, an increase in repairs, or excessively loud operation from the system, then call for HVAC technicians to see if you need air conditioning replacement in Sahuarita, AZ.

Don’t hesitate to call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning at the first warning signs that it is time to retire your old cooling system.

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