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The Best Time to Get Air Conditioning Maintenance

Any place that can get as hot as Southern Arizona will need sturdy and reliable air conditioning to make it a pleasant place to live. Few cities in the U.S. will put as much stress on an air conditioner as Tucson, AZ, so if you live here, you’ll need to have regular maintenance done on your AC. A maintenance check done once or twice a year will reduce the need for future repairs, maintain the system’s energy efficiency, prevent sudden shutdowns, and extend the air conditioner’s lifespan.

But when is the best time to get air conditioning maintenance? A short answer would be “right now” if you’ve let your AC go for a year or more without a regular check-up. The longer answer is “spring or fall—and maybe both.” We’ll explain a bit more about why.

Whenever you decide to schedule your regular preventive maintenance, trust the HVAC company in Tucson, AZ with over 70 years of experience: Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

Spring is one of the big tourist seasons for Tucson because of the wonderful weather. That also means HVAC companies will have less emergency work to handle, so they can easily fit your maintenance into their schedule. Getting maintenance done in spring also ensures that your air conditioner is ready to handle the heavy work of the summer.

The fall is also a time when air conditioning companies aren’t in a serious squeeze from answering emergency calls. Many people choose to get maintenance on their heaters during this time, which is definitely a smart idea. But if you’re behind on getting air conditioner maintenance, then fall is definitely a time you should take advantage of.

Most air conditioners will need one maintenance visit a year, alternating with heating maintenance. However, if you have an older air conditioner or one that gets an extraordinary amount of use, then you might choose to get two check-ups per year.

We hope you want to get started on your maintenance right now. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to sign up for our maintenance program, as our Tucson, AZ air conditioning services will keep your CA working on every hot day for many years to come.

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