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Start Thinking About AC Maintenance Today

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve now entered that tricky time of the year when you’re not quite sure when you’ll be running your heater, and when you’re going to turn to your AC. With temperatures ranging from the upper fifties to the low eighties, it may seem like your best bet is just to keep both on standby. With this in mind, you must remember that things are only going to get hotter from here on out. While it is still only February, you are going to be running your air conditioner pretty much nonstop before you know it. That is why now is a great time to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

Why Schedule Service Now?

There are a few reasons to have your air conditioner maintained early in the year. First of all, as the weather grows hotter, AC technicians are going to have more and more service calls pouring in. This means that you may find it more difficult to get a technician to your home right when you wish to. Plus, you may wind up working with a service that you normally wouldn’t, simply because they are available at the desired time and date. Additionally, as the heat of summer comes in full-bore, you are less and less likely to schedule service, as you’ll want your AC to be up and running to combat the heat. This may lead you to ignore signs of trouble that you otherwise wouldn’t, which in turn puts your comfort and the efficiency and overall condition of your AC at risk.

Can’t I Wait Until Summer Is Over?

There is absolutely no reason as to why you cannot have your system serviced at the end of the summer season, provided that this is in keeping with your annual maintenance schedule. The time of the year isn’t really what matters, so much as the annual regularity of service. If you had your system maintained before the start of the summer season last year, you should not go through the whole summer without doing so again. We depend upon our air conditioners far too much to force them to go through two long, brutal summer seasons without service.

Schedule AC maintenance with the pros here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today.

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