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Simple Tips for More Efficient Air Conditioning

If you are paying a bundle to have your air conditioner repaired frequently, or if it is just not of a high enough efficiency level for your liking, you are wise to consider replacing that system. What is a homeowner to do, though, when their system is not cooling his or her home as efficiently as s/he’d like, but it is not a dire enough situation to justify such a drastic solution? It’s a difficult terrain to navigate, but we’d like to help you enjoy a more efficient cooling experience in any way possible. That is why we’ve put together a few tips to help you enjoy better energy efficiency in Tucson, AZ. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning with any questions that you may have. 

  • Use your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans do not cool air in the manner of an air conditioning system, naturally. What they can do, though, is create a breeze while also great improving upon air circulation throughout the house. When you run your AC, you can supplement it with your ceiling fans in order to help its conditioned air reach every corner of the house in an even, effective manner. Then, you can raise the thermostat a bit to take some of the pressure off of your AC.
  • Reduce daytime heat gain. Even if you have blinds or thin curtains in your home, you may want to consider light blocking shades or curtains of a more sturdy design. It’s far cheaper than replacing an AC system with a more efficient model, and it can really help to offset the natural heat gain that your home is subject to throughout the day.
  • Hire professional efficiency technicians. We offer a number of different energy efficiency services throughout the area. If you are unsure of why your efficiency is slipping, or if you want to have your situation assessed by a trained professional, ours is the number to dial. We are glad to help you to live more comfortably and more efficiently in your home.


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