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Signs You Need a New Heater

In matters of installing a heater in Tucson, residents aren’t accustomed to replacing their furnaces regularly. A good heater should last at least 10 years or so given the averages, and since our desert weather is so hot and dry, our heaters tend to last even longer than that. Even so, there comes a time when every piece of equipment breaks down, and your heater is no different.

Here are some signs that you need a new heater sooner rather than later.

It actually all boils down to a matter of cost. If your heater keeps breaking down, requiring you to call in a repair technician multiple times, the bills may prompt you to simply replace the heater rather than pouring money into a failing unit. But it needn’t be as obvious as that. As heaters age, general wear and tear reduces their efficiency, which means they need to work harder in order to do the same job. If you find your monthly heating costs going up despite the fact that you’re not running your heater any more than normal, you might want to think about a replacement.

Going hand-in-hand with costs is the issue of performance. You can detect signs of a poor performance if your heater doesn’t generate enough hot air, or if it doesn’t blow the hot air into your home sufficiently fast.  If an issue like that persists despite numerous calls and your home still isn’t being adequately heated, you may want to install a new heater.

Age compounds a lot of these factors. In and of itself, an old heater doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. If, however, you have a heater that’s more than ten years old and it’s experiencing recurring problems, it would probably be helpful to install a newer, more efficient module.

If you spot the signs that you need a new heater, or even if you just suspect that yours is running down, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is here to help. We can install a new system that fits your needs, or repair your old one if it can continue to provide you with the comfort levels you expect. When it comes to heating installation, Tucson AZ residents can count on us. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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