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Should I Schedule a Blower Door Test?

Living in Tuscon, AZ means that you are going to depend upon your residential cooling system quite heavily for much of the year. During the colder season, you are going to run your heating system to maintain a comfortable environment within your living space. The fact of the matter is that you are not going to be able to cool or heat your home as effectively or efficiently as possible if your home is drafty and riddled with air leaks. Determining precisely where these air leaks are, not to mention fixing them accordingly, is more than the typical home owner can handle him or herself. That is why you should schedule professional blower door testing with the professional technicians here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

What is a Blower Door Test?

If you think that going around your home and feeling for any drafts throughout physically is the way to go about pinpointing sources of energy loss, think again. A blower door test is one of the most effective and informative ways of doing so. When you schedule a blower door test with us, our technicians temporarily install a powerful fan into your main door frame. The windows and other access points within the house are closed off, and the fan pulls air out of the house. This results in negative pressure, and air from outside the home will be pulled in through leaking areas. While it is necessary that your home has some natural ventilation, air leaks can easily allow for too much of a good thing. With the information gathered from the blower door test, our energy efficiency experts can help you to understand your options for ways in which to make your home more efficient.

Why You Should Consider a Blower Door Test

The main reason as to why many homeowners wind up scheduling blower door tests is if they are paying far too much to cool or to heat their homes. Air leaks are, after all, one of the most common sources of inefficiency in residential properties. However, there are other problems that air leaks can lead to as well. They can allow high levels of pollutants to make their way into your home, dragging down your indoor air quality. You may also find that you just aren’t comfortable in certain areas of your home due to drafty conditions and uneven temperatures. Whatever your reasons for scheduling a blower door test in the area, make sure that you do so with the pros on our staff so that the job is done right.

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