Scottsdale Air Conditioning Tip: Is the SEER Rating of My AC System Important?

During the summer, you probably run your air conditioning system almost every single day. All that use can really add up on your utility bill. If you’re like most homeowners, you want to stay comfortable, but you want your AC to work as efficiently as possible as well. If you’re in the process of choosing a new air conditioning system, you have probably been looking for the most efficient system that you can afford. You’ve likely come across the SEER or EER ratings. The Scottsdale air conditioning installation experts at Goettl Phoenix have years of experience working with all different types of AC systems. We wanted to help you better understand what the efficiency ratings on air conditioning systems mean, so we elaborate on these both below.

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Scottsdale Air Conditioning Installation

One of the most important steps of the air conditioning installation process is to figure out the efficiency rating that you want to have on your AC system. Call the Scottsdale air conditioning installation professionals at Goettl Phoenix if you have any questions about which air conditioning system is right for your home.

  • SEER – Air conditioning systems are given a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating which measures how much energy a system uses over a season to provide cooling. This is a standard measurement that is given to almost every AC unit. In order to receive an Energy Star rating, the air conditioner must reach at least a SEER 14 rating.
  • EER – The Energy Efficiency Ratio is obviously very similar to the SEER. But instead of measuring the performance of an AC over a season, it measures the energy efficiency of the system under a specific set of criteria. Normally, the AC is tested with an outside temperature of 95° F, 50% relative humidity and an inside temperature of 80° F.

The higher the SEER or the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioning system will be. The more efficient the system is, the higher the initial investment will be.

When you work with the Scottsdale air conditioning installation experts at Goettl Phoenix, we will help you find the most efficient system that matches your home’s cooling needs as well as your budget.