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Scheduling an Air Conditioning Tune Up Can Lower Your Bills

The best way to keep your AC in top shape is scheduling an air conditioning tune up. Maintenance is an important part of owning an air conditioning system, but if your unit appears to be working just fine, this vital step may fall by the wayside. During a maintenance visit, a technician cleans and inspects your system, and makes adjustments to some components. This is important because there may be hidden problems that need repair. However, did you know that an air conditioning tune up can actually lower your monthly bills? Let’s look at a few specific steps of an air conditioning tune up that may actually save you money.

  • Cleaning the Coils: The indoor evaporator coil absorbs heat from your home, while the outdoor condenser coil helps it to dissipate. If either of these coils are too dirty, the heat exchange process slows down, which means decreased efficiency.
  • Checking Electrical Connections: Electrical problems are one of the main reasons people call for repairs, but they may be caught ahead of time with maintenance. A technician will test the electrical connections and ensure the correct voltage, keeping contactors from wearing down and consuming energy.
  • Oil the Motors: The fans in your AC are run by motors, and if one of these needs lubrication, it may not be effective. A slow indoor fan will take longer to distribute air throughout the home, which means you’ll spend more running your AC for longer periods of time.
  • Test for Refrigerant Leaks: Your system needs a certain amount of refrigerant to run efficiently. Low levels means it will take longer to cool your home, reducing efficiency, and it may also cause problems for the compressor.
  • Check the Thermostat: If you set your thermostat one or two degrees lower every day, you’ll notice the difference in your bills. So a thermostat that is inaccurate may cost you more every month, and could lead to compressor damage if faulty wiring causes to your unit to hard start.

Scheduling a thorough air conditioning tune up in Tempe with the folks at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning can save you a lot of money when done regularly. Give us a call today!

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