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Reasons to Schedule Duct Testing

Are you concerned that your ductwork may be faulty? Faulty ducts can account for up to 30% of total air loss in your HVAC system, creating a significant deficit in energy efficiency. But what if you aren’t sure what kind of shape your air ducts may be in? A great method for determining this, and finding out whether or not you have problems with air leakage, is to schedule duct testing in Tucson. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has 70 years of experience, and our technicians bring this experience to every job.

Problems That Can Develop from Faulty Ductwork

There are a few problems that can develop from faulty ductwork:

  • Decreased energy efficiency – as we discussed above, faulty ductwork can lead to significant air loss in your system. Why? Holes, cracks and broken seals allow your conditioned air to leak out, so a portion of it never reaches your living spaces. As a result, your air conditioner will compensate for this loss in order to achieve the set temperature, and it compensates by working harder. Any time your AC has to work harder, it uses more energy.
  • Contaminants are drawn into your ductwork system – not only does your conditioned air leak out with faulty ducts, outside air and contaminants come in. Humidity, allergens and other particles can directly enter your system via the holes and cracks. This can compromise your indoor air quality and add excessive humidity to your indoor air, making it feel uncomfortable.
  • Backdrafting – if you have combustible mechanical appliances in your home, such as a gas-powered water heater or dryer, the exhaust from these appliances can be sucked into your ductwork through the holes and cracks, and deliver the exhaust directly into your living spaces. This phenomenon is known as “backdrafting” and it can be very dangerous, as carbon monoxide may be part of the exhaust.

Knowing whether or not your ductwork is faulty is important to your health, your home and your wallet.

If you are questioning the efficacy of your ductwork, call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and schedule duct testing in Tucson today.

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