Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality When Cooling Your Home

family-dogWhen you think of living comfortably here in Arizona, what do you think of first? Chances are that your answer to this question was “my air conditioner”. There is definitely no way to overstate the importance of the role that your air conditioner plays in your overall comfort. That being said, cooling your home is not exactly the only consideration to make when it comes to living comfortably. There is also the quality of the air that surrounds you in your home to consider.

The sad truth is that sealing up your home and running your air conditioner constantly — necessary as it may be for your comfort during our brutally hot summer season — can really take a toll on the indoor air quality in your home. Don’t worry, though. Our IAQ experts have some tips to help you maintain great indoor air quality without sacrificing the comfort of your air conditioning in Tucson, AZ. It may sound too good to be true, but balancing comfort and air quality in your home has actually never been more achievable!

The Problems

Modern homes, in general, are constructed pretty tightly. This is great for energy efficiency, as a tight home envelope helps to eliminate the risk of unwanted heat transfer. What it is not so great for, though, is indoor air quality. When you seal up your home very tightly, you are not going to take on much heat from outdoors. However, you are also really limiting the amount of natural ventilation taking place in your home.

Ventilating your home sufficiently is a vital step in maintaining great indoor air quality therein. Long story short, you need fresh air if you want high-quality air. The fact that we run our air conditioners so much in this area only serves to exacerbate the problem. As your air conditioner runs, it dehumidifies the air in your home somewhat. Considering how dry our air tends to already be, this can really cause some problems in terms of overall air quality.

The Solutions

There are various ways in which you may choose to ventilate your home. Because we live in a fairly dry climate and we need to run our air conditioners so frequently, we recommend that you consider the use of an evaporative cooler in your home. These systems don’t use a refrigerant cycle to cool air, so they are very efficient, and they actually add some humidity to the air in the house as well. Plus, you need to leave your windows open a bit to bring fresh air into the house, so an evaporative cooler necessitates good ventilation!

If you wish to continue using a more traditional split central air conditioner, then you may want to have a whole-house humidifier installed in your home. Unlike a portable humidifier, which you’ll have to continually fill and move around the house — or use multiple units — a whole-house humidifier is just that: a system that humidifies the whole house! That means greater convenience and a much more effective performance. Schedule your AC and IAQ services with Goettl Air Conditioning Tucson.

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