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Protect Your Health with UV Germicidal Lights

There are a lot of factors that can influence your comfort in your home. It is possible to get so caught up with your HVAC system, though, that you overlook an important facet of your comfort: the quality of the air in your home. Not only can poor indoor air quality negatively affect your comfort, after all, but your health as well. If you are serious about preventing such issues in your home, you need the right indoor air quality systems in place. 

One of the best ways in which to maintain a healthful living environment in your home is to use UV germicidal lights in Phoenix, AZ. UV germicidal lights differ greatly from air filters and electronic air cleaners. They are not used to remove dust and dirt from the air in your home, but instead to destroy the biological pollutants therein that put your health at risk.

You Cannot Just Filter Out Biological Pollutants

There are a few reasons why you cannot really just filter biological pollutants, like bacteria or mold spores, out of the air in your home. First of all, most of them are too small to do so effectively. You’d need a filter of an efficiency that is higher than most residential HVAC systems can handle. Second of all, though, is the fact that biological pollutants can reproduce. Dust and dirt do not have this capability. If biological pollutants are trapped on a filter, then they can continue to create new pollutants, and that isn’t going to do much to help your indoor air quality.

Disrupting the biological processes of these pollutants really does the trick, though, and that is precisely what ultraviolet does to these microorganisms. UV light can give us a pretty bad sunburn if we’re out in nature unprotected. When confined to the HVAC system in your home, of course, it poses no threat to you, your family, or your friends. It can, however, devastate these pollutants.

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