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Top Summer Air Conditioner Problems

Living in Arizona means that you are going to be combating very hot, very dry conditions for a good portion of the year. If you hope to beat the heat in a successful and dependable manner, then you absolutely must have a great air conditioner installed on your property. Truth be told, though, investing in a great air conditioner, and having it installed by a qualified professional, is still only going to get you so far. Every air conditioner is a mechanical system, and all mechanical systems are subject to occasional operational problems. Here are a few problems that you may encounter with your air conditioner in Phoenix, AZ this summer.

Uneven Cooling

If you are walking through your home, and you notice hot spots scattered throughout, it is likely that you need professional air conditioning repairs. Assuming that your air conditioner is of the right size for your residence, and that it has been professionally installed and serviced, it should be capable of cooling your home in an even and thorough manner. If not, you may have damaged ductwork, or a mechanical problems with the fan inhibiting air distribution.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is an issue in which your air conditioner is shutting down and restarting too frequently. There are a few reasons as to why your air conditioning system may short cycle. First of all, it is possible that your system is too large for your home, and that it is bringing temperatures down too rapidly. If your AC has always had this problem, then there is really no other option than to replace it with a properly sized system. If, though, this is a new problem, you may have an issue such as a bad run capacitor, or other electrical problems. It’s also possible that your thermostat is simply malfunctioning.

Loud Operation

No air conditioner is going to be totally silent in its operation, but your system should also not be making alarming, very loud noises when running. Clanging, screeching, or grinding sounds may indicate a problem with your motor, fan belt, bearings, or the compressor itself. Contact us if your system is giving you cause for concern.

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