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Problems Caused by Poor Insulation

A couple of months back, we talked about a few of the potential problems that could negatively affect your insulation. Today, we are going to talk about some of the symptoms that you may notice as a result of problems with your insulation. Whether your insulation is deteriorating, damaged by pests, or simply inefficient for your home’s needs, it must be dealt with properly in order to avoid such problems.

Our technicians are experts at the installation of insulation in Tucson, AZ. Not only will we make sure that your insulation is of a high quality and installed in all necessary areas of your home, but we’ll make sure that it is of the appropriate R-value to ensure a great performance. Call today, and keep your eyes peeled for these particular problems in your residence. 

Are There Hot or Cold Spots In Your Home?

Your insulation serves its purpose all year long, preventing excessive heat transfer both into and out of your home. This means that any problems with it will have consequences, regardless of the season. Uneven heating and cooling is one of the most obvious symptoms of trouble with your insulation. It could be a problem with your HVAC system itself, but if the area in question is never as comfortable as others in your home, subpar insulation is definitely a likely culprit.

Are Your Bills Unusually High?

We don’t use our heaters anywhere near as much as we do our air conditioners in this part of the country, which can sometimes make spotting trouble with your heater a bit tricky. However, high heating costs are even more obvious due to the relatively little use our heaters get. If your bills seem to be higher than they should be, the heat that you’re paying for may be leaking out of your home.

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

Inefficiency and discomfort are the issues most commonly associated with insulation problems. Poor indoor air quality is another likely scenario, though. Just as subpar insulation allows heat to leak out of your home, it can also make it easier for pollutants to make their way in. Call now if you have any such issues in your home.

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