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Potential Problems with Your Insulation

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of having quality insulation in your home before. Today, we are going to focus less on the actual problems caused by subpar insulation, and more on the problems that may arise with your insulation itself. If you are hoping to prevent the unwanted transfer of heat into or out of your home throughout the year, your insulation in Tucson, AZ must not be compromised.

  1. Incorrect R-Value: If the R-value of your insulation is not right for its application, then that insulation is not going to perform its duty successfully. When we install your insulation, we will take into account general R-value guidelines for our geographic region, the orientation of your home, the part of the home in which the insulation is to be installed, the type/density of insulation, and more. That way, you won’t wind up with insulation in place that cannot do its job.
  2. Water Damage: One of the most common causes of insulation deterioration is water damage. Now, we don’t live in a humid area, obviously, and we don’t get a huge amount of rainfall that may lead to extensive leaks in your home. If you use a humidifier that is over-humidifying certain areas of your home, though, or if you have small plumbing leaks that have gone undetected, your insulation may be compromised. Resolving the source of the problem and replacing any damaged insulation will be necessary to get your home back on track.
  3. Pests: If you have had issues with pests in your home, then it is possible that they have damaged your insulation. If rodents, for instance, have chewed through your insulation, then it will have to be replaced. Of course, there is also the risk of unhygienic conditions if pests have been holing up in areas with blown-in insulation. The best way to really determine the overall condition of your existing insulation is to let a member of our staff evaluate it.

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