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Heating Tip 2: Common Heating Repairs to Watch Out For

No one likes to have to replace their heating system. At Goettl Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve responded to a lot of heating repairs calls throughout the Phoenix area. Often we see that a major repair could have been avoided if it had been fixed when it was just a small issue. In the interest of helping out our customers, we decided to put together some of the most common heating repairs that we service. If you’re experiencing any of these make sure that you call your Phoenix heating contractor immediately.

Low Air Flow

Low air flow is a problem that we see often in Phoenix. There are a few common causes of this problem.

  • Clogged air filter – Clogged air filters are by far the most common cause of furnace problems. The issue with low air flow happens when the filter isn’t changed and it gets clogged with dirt and dust.
  • Fan – The fan in your furnace or heat pump could also be broken which would mean that it isn’t pushing enough air through your ducts.
  • Blocked ducts – While not as common, you may have some kind of pinch or debris in your ducts that could be restricting the flow of air to your home.

No Heat or Not Enough Heat

This is another common heating problem in Phoenix. If you have no heat, it may be that the pilot light is out or that the thermocouple is malfunctioning. If your heating system isn’t producing enough heat, it could be that your thermostat is broken. It could also be that your air filter is clogged and is restricting the flow of hot air to your home.

Strange Sounds from My Heating System

If you have a forced-air system like a furnace, one of the most common sounds that we get called for is squealing. This is normally caused by an old fan belt. However, if you start to hear strange sounds coming from your gas-fired heating system, particularly rattling or rumbling sounds, you should call a heating contractor immediately. These can be indicators of very serious and even dangerous problems.

If you’re having any kind of heating problem, make sure that you contact Goettl Air Conditioning and Heating first. We have highly trained and experienced heating technicians that can handle any type of heating repair in Phoenix. We have experience working with many different types and brands of heating systems. Call us today!

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