Air Conditioning Tip 6: What Features to Look for in a Replacement Air Conditioner

There’s never been a better time to be in the market for a replacement air conditioner. Today, there are an unprecedented number of options available, and many models today boast efficiency ratings that far exceed those of units produced just a few years ago. For homeowners concerned about both comfort and performance, replacing your air conditioner is a great time to make the right choice. Consult with your local professional in order to weigh your options, and to find an air conditioner that fits your home and your budget. For Phoenix air conditioning service, call Goettl Good Guys today!
  • High SEER rating. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (aka SEER) is the industry standard for determining how efficient air conditioning systems are. It measures the amount of electrical input against cooling output. More and more this standard is becoming important to customers looking to maximize their cooling performance and reduce their use of energy. Look for a high SEER rating when selecting your new replacement air conditioner.
  • Ductless. If you are particularly sensitive to airborne allergens, or want a change from your previous central air system, ductless mini split air conditioning systems are innovative, highly efficient systems designed to cool your home without the use of extensive ductwork. They use a standard outdoor unit containing the compressor/condenser, but instead of a large air handler hooked up to ducts, the air handlers are sleek and compact units that sit directly in the home, often sitting high on the wall, or recessed in the ceiling. They connect to the outdoor unit by compact refrigerant lines.
  • Zone control. Zone control divides your home into cooled air zones in order to offer an unprecedented amount of temperature control over your home. If you opt for a ductless mini split system, then you can install several indoor air handlers per outdoor unit and control these individually by thermostats. However, even if you opt for a central air system, then you can choose to install a zone control system, which uses electronically controlled dampers within your ductwork to control the airflow. These can also be assigned thermostats to customize your indoor climate.

For more information about what air conditioning systems are available for your home, contact the Phoenix air conditioning replacement specialists at Goettl Good Guys today!