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Air Conditioning Tip 1: How To Prepare Your AC System for Spring

We’ve had an incredibly cold winter this year. That means that you’ve likely been using your heating system more often than your air conditioning system. But spring is just around the corner and you’re probably about to start running your air conditioning system exclusively. There are a few things that you should consider doing to prepare your AC system for all the use that it’s about to get. At Goettl Good Guys we offer complete air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ and maintenance. We wanted to help our customers get comfortable and efficient cooling this spring. That’s why we’ve put together some of the things that you can do to keep your AC system working well.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

One of the best things ways that you can prepare your AC system for Spring is to get it inspected by a Phoenix air conditioning professional. During this last winter when your air conditioning system sat dormant a number of things could have started to go wrong with it. Rust or dirt could have started to build up inside of it—even branches or rodents could have got inside of it. During their visit, your technician will look for big and small problems that could have started to develop through the winter. They’ll be able to find those things and fix them before you start putting a heavy demand on your AC system.

Potentially Fewer Air Conditioning Repairs in Phoenix AZ

One of the main benefits of getting regular AC maintenance for your system is that it might be able to reduce the need for costly air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ. We often see that it is actually small problems that result in air conditioning repairs. During maintenance visits your technician will be able to find those small things and repair them before they cause serious damage.

Increased Efficiency

Another huge advantage that could result from regular air conditioning maintenance is improved efficiency. Those small problems that develop with time can actually make your AC system work harder to cool your home. By removing those problems, you might be able to see an increase in energy efficiency.

If you need air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ or maintenance, call Goettl Good Guys. We have years of experience work with all different types and brands of air conditioning systems. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly Phoenix air conditioning technicians about the AC services we provide.

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