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Odd AC Sounds: Should I Be Concerned?

Yes, absolutely. Don’t panic or anything, but strange sounds coming from your air conditioner could certainly indicate that there is a problem of some kind with your system. If you are serious about keeping your air conditioner in Phoenix, AZ in fine working condition, dial our number when you start to hear it making strange sounds.

Early intervention is always for the best when it comes to trouble with your home cooling system. We live in far too hot a climate to put your system at risk. When you hear something out of the ordinary, we should be hearing from you.

Banging, Screeching, Hissing, and Clicking

Among the most common sounds that give homeowners cause for alarm when it comes to their home cooling systems is banging. If you have a bent fan blade, it could be banging against the interior of your outdoor unit. You may also have a loose component in your system that is banging around. This puts not only that component, but those that it is banging against, at risk.

Screeching is another relatively common sound that homeowners may hear. This could be the result of components rubbing together if the moving parts in your system are not properly lubricated. It could also mean that there is a slipped belt in the system.

Do you hear a hissing sound when walking by your outdoor AC unit. Double check to make sure that there isn’t a snake in your vicinity, of course, but remember too that this could be the sound of refrigerant escaping from your system. Any refrigerant leaks must be repaired as soon as possible. You may also hear hissing in your home, which could indicate air leaks in your ductwork.

Finally, there is clicking. This can be tougher to hear over regular operational sounds, so be sure to keep your ears open. If you hear clicking coming from your system, there could be an electrical problem. You may have relay issues, or your capacitors may be about to fail.

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