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Now Is the Time for Routine Heating Maintenance

As far as winter weather goes, we don’t see too much of it around here. We also don’t see very cold temperatures—inasmuch as we experience them—until later in the year than many other areas of the country. You’ve no doubt felt the chill of the nighttime air already, though. Sure, our daily temperatures are hovering in the low to mid-80’s, still. However, the nights are definitely getting chillier. Perhaps you’ve even flipped on your heater once or twice to take the chill out of the air. Even if you haven’t, though, remember that now is a great time to schedule routine heating maintenance in Tucson, AZ. When you decide to do so, make sure that you are working with the professional technicians here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

How Can Heating Maintenance Benefit Me?

Because we don’t use our heaters nearly as much as they do in, say, Minnesota, many homeowners in our area mistakenly believe that they don’t have to take care of their heating systems with the same diligence that they do their air conditioners. This does one a serious disservice, though. Regardless of regularly or sporadically you are using your heater, routine maintenance is still necessary if you hope to get the best performance possible from your home heating system.

  • Efficiency is a major concern for a lot of homeowners, as no one wants to be paying to much to heat their homes, even if they are doing so relatively infrequently. If every component in your heating system is not functioning properly, though, there is no way that you can hope for your system to function at peak efficiency levels.
  • Effective heating is not something that you should compromise by failing to schedule routine heating maintenance. Don’t ignore cool spots in your home, or a system that seems to blow only tepid air. With routine maintenance, you can keep your system functioning as effectively as possible.
  • System longevity is another important reason for scheduling professional heating maintenance. You shouldn’t have to replace your heater prematurely, especially if you are not running it as hard as you can, 24/7. Let our technicians install and tune up your system, so that it serves you for a long, productive lifespan.

All our technicians are "Sadie Certified"

Applicants meet the family dog before being hired and pass the Sadie test. If Sadie doesn’t like an applicant, we bet you won’t be comfortable with them in your home. We want to make it for sure that we are putting the right person in your house.