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More Insulation Helps Your Home

Insulation in a home is something people often misunderstand, especially in a city with the heat levels of Tucson. Insulation is linked in people’s mind with protection from the cold: we bundle up with extra layers to keep warm during the chilly weather, and we provide the same sort of bundling up for our homes with insulation.

However, here is an important fact to remember about insulation: it serves as a thermal barrier… and that goes both ways. It prevents the movement of heat through convection and conduction (and in some particular cases, radiation), whether the heat is trying to escape from your house or enter it. Effective insulation in Tucson, AZ is crucial during the intense summers to increase your comfort inside your home and to save money on electricity bills for your air conditioning. Plus, it will come in handy during the few cold days of the year.

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and speak to our insulation specialists today. They can discover where your home will benefit from additional insulation and install it for you.

Attic insulation

The spot in your home where you can receive the most help from additional insulation is your attic. During cold weather, heat will make its quickest escape through this part of your house, like the lid left off of a tea kettle. But in summer, consider how brutally the sun beats down on your roof: this heats up the air in the attic to searing levels, sometimes 140°F! The attic becomes a heat sink and the heat will leak down into your house and raise its temperature, placing stress on your air conditioner and generally making the house more uncomfortable. Effective insulation needs to block this heat movement. Most homes in Tucson—older ones in particular—could benefit from more insulation or improved insulation with a high R-Value.

Radiant barriers

We mentioned that insulation prevents the movement of heat through convection and conduction, but only prevents movement through radiation (electromagnetic waves from heated surfaces) in particular cases. The radiant barrier is one of these cases: they reflect away the direct radiant heat of the sun. When a coat of radiant barrier spray is used on the underside of a roof, it will reflect away 80% of the sun’s heat, stopping it from elevating the attic’s temperature. With radiant barriers and good attic insulation, you will have the largest source of heat infiltration into your home blocked—and your air conditioning will thank you for it. (You’ll see its gratitude in reduced utility bills during the summer.)

Insulation services

Our experts in insulation in Tucson, AZ have a variety of methods they can use to properly heat seal your home for summer.

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment to examine the insulation options for your home to help you save money this summer.

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