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Tips for More Efficient Air Conditioning

goettl-techniciansKeeping cool is a major priority around here—the summers are just too hot to take any chances with the overall performance quality of your air conditioning system. Because air conditioning is such a major part of our lives Nevada, many of us scarcely think about it other than setting temperatures at the thermostat. Of course, when summer is really in full swing, it is easy to be reminded of just how much you’re using your air conditioning system: via your energy bill!

Look, cutting air conditioning out of the equation is just not an option. And air conditioning does not come for free, either. And, the fact is that many homeowners cannot simply invest in expensive new systems in order to boost their efficiency levels. That does not mean, however,  that you need to put up with an overpriced cooling experience. Here are a few tips from Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas that will help you to keep your cooling costs under control.

Those Ceiling Fans? They’re Not Just Decorative!

Obviously, you want your ceiling fans to look nice. We’re guessing that you don’t just have unfinished metal fans hanging from your ceilings the way that you might see in an industrial setting. That being said, they are definitely not there just for style. These ceiling fans are incredibly functional, and running them can actually help you to save money while living more comfortably!

While a ceiling fan is not actually going to actively cool the air like an air conditioner does, that works in your favor. The fan will instead work to circulate air cooled by your air conditioner throughout your home more effectively. It requires far less energy to run a fan than an AC, so supplementing your air conditioner with your ceiling fans while dialing the thermostat up just a bit can help you to scale back cooling costs without sacrificing comfort.

That Basic Old Thermostat? Upgrade It!

You can invest in very beneficial AC upgrades without actually upgrading your entire air conditioning system. One of the best and most cost-effective upgrades that you can make is to your thermostat. Simply upgrading an old digital model to one that is programmable can make a world of difference.

You can set your air conditioner to work around your schedule so that you can come home to a cool, comfortable environment without having to worry about wasting energy while cooling an empty house all day as if it were occupied. A smart thermostat is an even better option for boosting system control and energy efficiency—we just need to make sure that your existing equipment is compatible.

That Phone Number? Dial It!

Yes, we’re going there again: routine maintenance. We’ve said it before,  we’re saying it now, and trust us, we’ll say it again. When it comes to keeping your air conditioner working at peak performance and efficiency levels, absolutely nothing beats routine maintenance.

Not only does routine maintenance keep your system working efficiently, but it also keeps the need for air conditioning repair in Henderson, NV at bay. No, it won’t make your system 100% reliable—but it will keep your system as close to that goal as possible!

G-O-E-T-T-L it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.

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