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Maintaining Adequate Humidity

Humidity is not something that we can take for granted in our geographic region. Elsewhere in the country, the start of the winter season means a drop in humidity as the summer heat fades away. Here in Arizona, though, dry, arid air is pretty much a staple year round.

So what you can you do about it? Contact a member of our staff in order to schedule a whole-house humidifier installation in Tucson, AZ, of course. It will get you through the winter, and will also benefit you greatly in the summer, when humidity in other regions is already so high. When you add the dehumidifying effects of air conditioning together with our already dry air, the results can be quite detrimental to your comfort, your health, and even your property.

A Whole-House System Is the Way to Go

Chances are that you’ve seen a portable humidifier at some point. Perhaps you’ve even had one on your dresser, pumping out water vapor through the night. If so, you may realize that they have their uses. Keeping a baby’s nursery humidified, for instance, is a great one. However, they are not at all ideal for humidifying an entire home. Just as you wouldn’t want to use window unit air conditioners around here, neither should you rely upon these small room humidifiers.

If you did, you’d be refilling water tanks constantly. You’d probably also see a considerable spike in your electric bills. With a whole-house humidifier, you can sufficiently humidify the air throughout your home efficiently. You can also do so conveniently. A water line will feed the system water, so you don’t have to worry about reserves running out. The humidified air will then be distributed throughout your home via your air ducts. No more moving a humidifier around the house for you!

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