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Why Bother with Late Season Heatinng Repairs?

Have you run into trouble of any kind with your home heating system lately?  If so, we know what you may be thinking. “Well, it’s pretty late in the season for heating repair in Phoenix. I guess I’ll  just wait until next winter.” If we have hit the nail on the head, then we suggest you reconsider. Sure, your heater may make it through the rest of the heating season—but at what cost?

We’re pretty much out of the heating season at this point, but nighttime temperatures are still dropping down into the low 60s and frequently into the 50s. You may need your heater to make it through the chillier nights, and it may be able to handle this type of demand. Ultimately, however, you are not doing yourself or your heater any favors by ignoring existing problems just because the end of the season is in sight.

Minimal Use Can Still Take a Toll

Suppose you roll your ankle really hard when you are out for a hike. It is not broken or anything, and you figure that you can get away with some ice and maybe a compression wrap. That is all well and good. But chances are that you’re also going to stay off that ankle as much as possible.

You’re not going to be saying “Well, I’ll go for just a small hike today” or “I’ll make sure to take some stuff out of my pack to lighten my load.” Why not? Because you know that even this amount of exertion will make the problem worse! The same is true of even “minor” use of a system that is already struggling.

You’re Going to Be Overpaying for Its Use

Like we said, you can probably continue to use your heater as needed without it breaking down entirely, considering how little you’ll likely be using it in the immediate future. Even if you’re only using it a little, however, you still don’t want to be overpaying for doing so.

No heater is going to function as effectively as it should when it is damaged, and it won’t work as efficiently, either. Your system will have to work harder to do its job, likely leaving you to pay more money for a lesser heating output. Here at Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix, we believe you deserve better.

Be Honest—Will You Remember?

Anyone who has ever put something off for any reason—meaning each and every one of us, if we’re being honest—has at some point forgotten about the very task that they’ve put off. What happens when the heating season arises, and you fire up the heater, and only then remember that you needed repairs?

Now, instead of handling them at the end of the season, you are trying to schedule service precisely when heating technicians are at their busiest! Any way you look at it, it always makes the most sense to resolve heater problems when you first notice them.

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