Goettl Air Conditioning Invests $10 Million in Las Vegas

Sometimes, home is where the heart is. For Ken Goodrich, owner and CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, that means Las Vegas. The Goodrich family has been in Las Vegas for the last 3 generations, and Ken has just recently closed on a $10 million building in Las Vegas that is set to become Goettl University.

The building, once renovated, will serve as the Goettl Air Conditioning headquarters. It will also feature a 100-seat customer service center, as well as mock HVAC systems for the hands-on training of up and coming technicians.

“Our technicians will receive ongoing real-life training and will be taught to be perfectionists – just like my father trained me,” Ken explains. Considering the success and rapid expansion of the business since Ken took over in 2015, it seems safe to say that this multimillion-dollar investment in Las Vegas will result in new generations of expertly trained HVAC professionals.


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