3 Signs That You Need Prompt Heating Repairs

cold-manIt can be easy to forget just how chilly our winter weather can be around here, especially when we are in the midst of one of our brutally hot summer seasons. As we’re starting to see already, though, things can cool down quite a bit around here when winter strikes—is your heater ready to spring into action when you need it most? With a professional installation and routine maintenance, you can get the most reliable performance that your heater has to offer.

Unfortunately, even the best heaters and even those that are professionally tuned up on an annual basis are still not 100% reliable. At some point, you are going to find that your heater is in need of repair services. The key to successfully managing such problems is not really to avoid them entirely, but rather to recognize the warning signs that trouble is brewing early on so that they can be resolved before serious damage is done. You don’t  want to wait for your system to break down entirely before scheduling professional heating repair in Las Vegas.

Is Your Budget Taking a Hit?

One of the strongest indicators that there is something wrong with yo0ur heater is not actually going to come from the heater itself. Instead, it will manifest in your heating bill! If you get your gas or electricity bill once your heater gets going for the year, only to suffer sticker shock when you see how much it’s for,  you could have a problem with your heater that is causing it to operate much less efficiently than it normally does.

Just because our winter weather is relatively mild when compared to the heat of summer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep efficiency in mind. No one should be overpaying for their comfort.  When we diagnose and repair your heating system,  you won’t have to.

Is Your House Heating Unevenly?

If so, has it always? An unfortunate situation that we sometimes encounter is a house that has never heated evenly, at least not since the current heating system was installed. This could mean that the heater was not properly sized for the house in which it was installed. Now, we’d never install an undersized heating system, but if someone did do so in your home, a replacement is really your only option.

If this is a new development, though, you could have a problem with a zone control component, or your air ducts themselves could be leaking. As you can see, problems with heaters can generally stem from a few different issues. Our job is not just to fix problems but also to figure out what exactly the problem is in the first place.

Is Your Heater Louder Than Ever?

If so, you could have problems with worn fan belts, an unbalanced blower wheel, insufficient lubrication, or any of a number of other issues. While your heater may still be operational and may still be heating your home under such conditions, you really don’t want to ignore the problem. Real damages can and will develop if given the opportunity. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas at the first sign of trouble with your heater. 

G-O-E-T-T-L it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.