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Keep Your Evaporator Coil Clean

While some in the US are getting ready to turn their heating systems back on for another cold, long winter, those of us in the southwestern geographic region still have plenty of very hot weather ahead of us. Things will cool down a bit, but we’re going to be running our air conditioners in Phoenix, AZ very regularly for the foreseeable future. That is why, even in September, you need to take care and ensure that your air conditioner is in peak working condition.

The Trouble with Dirty Coils

Your air conditioner utilizes 2 different sets of coils in its operation: the indoor, or evaporator, coil, and the outdoor, or condenser, coil. Today, we’ll discuss the evaporator coil. More specifically, we’ll discuss why a dirty evaporator coil is such a serious issue.

To better understand why your evaporator coil must be kept clean, you must first understand what its function is within your air conditioning system at large. Basically, the evaporator coil is the point at which refrigerant in your AC system evaporates — makes sense, given the name. As hot air passes over and surrounds the coil, the refrigerant therein will evaporate. In doing so, it absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant continues on its cycle, and when it makes it to the condenser coil it condenses and releases its heat.

Now, if your evaporator coil is dirty, covered with dirt and grime, that layer of dirt is going to interfere with its ability to absorb heat from the air passing over it. That makes it harder to facilitate the transfer of heat, which can negatively affect the entire cooling process. Even worse, it will cause your system to use more energy than it should, leaving you to pay more for a weaker performance from your system.

If the coil is dirty enough, it can get too cold and cause the condensation that collects on it to freeze. This will create a layer of ice, which further insulates the coil and makes it even harder for it to absorb heat. The strain put on the system can lead to an overheated compressor, and an increased risk of operational problems. Eventually, the system’s lifespan may suffer.

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