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It’s Not too Late to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Chances are, considering the fact that temperatures have regularly been in the 90s lately, that you’ve been running your air conditioning system pretty frequently. If you have not had your system tuned up in the past year, we encourage you to do so immediately.

Just because your system is in regular use already does not mean that it is too late to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. It’s much better to go for an hour or two without cooling your home during a maintenance visit than to go for longer than that because your system has broken down entirely.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Tucson, AZ with us to ensure that you are able to live comfortably this summer. 

Your AC Is a System with Many Different Parts

An air conditioning system is just that: a system. As is the case with any such mechanical system, the disruption of any one component within this system can upset the overall performance of the system as a whole. Once any single component is compromised, you run the risk of operational problems with the system at large.

By scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance, you give a professional technician the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the system, and to make any adjustments necessary in order to ensure that each component therein is pulling its weight.

Not only does this help to ensure that your air conditioner is able to reliably cool your home, but it also means that it will be able to do so in as efficient a manner as possible. When your air conditioner has even one component that is not functioning properly, it is going to be tougher than it should be for your system to evenly and successfully cool your home. This can result in overexertion and longer runtimes, which in turn can result in higher cooling costs, even as your comfort levels slip.

Be sure to schedule AC maintenance with the pros at Goettl Air Conditioning.

All our technicians are "Sadie Certified"

Applicants meet the family dog before being hired and pass the Sadie test. If Sadie doesn’t like an applicant, we bet you won’t be comfortable with them in your home. We want to make it for sure that we are putting the right person in your house.