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Is Your Air Conditioner Shutting Down Prematurely?

As a homeowner in this area, you are no doubt aware of just how important it is to have a great air conditioning system installed in your home. Because our summer season is so intense, it really is necessary to know that your AC is going to be there for you when you need it most. If your system is compromised, after all, it is mostly likely to give out on you while in the middle of working its hardest. If you notice that your AC seems to be starting up fine, but running only briefly before shutting back down, you are experiencing a phenomenon known as short cycling. This is a sure sign that it is time to schedule air conditioning repairs in Phoenix, AZ.

What Causes Short Cycling?

Like most problems that one may encounter with his or her air conditioning system, short cycling may occur for a few different reasons. Some are relatively benign. For instance, you may have a very dirt air filter in your system. This can reduce airflow, which in turn will impede the heat transfer process. That can overload the motor, as it runs and runs in order to cool your home, causing the system to shut down. You may also have a faulty thermostat that is registering temperatures incorrectly, causing the system to cycle off before your house is actually cool enough. However, you may also have a problem such as a refrigerant leak, or a failing run capacitor that it is not doing its part in maintaining an appropriate electrical charge in the motor. Our technicians will figure out precisely what the problem is, and they will resolve it entirely.

Why Is It Such a Problem?

Your air conditioner uses the most energy when it is starting up, so short cycling can actually cause your system to burn through energy faster than normal. That will result in higher energy costs, even as your overall comfort level declines. Plus, this situation puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your system, which can lead to an increased risk of damages or premature breakdown.

When you work with Goettl Air Conditioning, you can count on outstanding air conditioning repairs. 

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