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Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

ac-technician-outsideConsidering how hot the weather in this part of the country can be over the long, often trying course of the summer season, the answer is hopefully “no”. Not everyone can be so lucky, though, and we’ve responded to plenty of calls regarding air conditioners blowing warm air over the years. If you should experience this phenomenon, then you are definitely going to want to schedule professional air conditioning repair in Corona as soon as possible. We’ll be there promptly.

Like so many other problems that may befall your home cooling system, there are actually quite a few reasons as to why your air conditioner may be blowing warm air. They vary in terms of seriousness, though almost every example is going to require professional intervention. A proper diagnosis is every bit as important to the resolution of the problem as technical expertise, so be sure to schedule service with Goettl Air Conditioning SoCal. We’ll make sure that the problem is fixed appropriately.

Double Check the Thermostat

Okay, remember how we said that almost every reason for an AC blowing warm air is going to require professional intervention? Well, this is the one case in which you’re really not going to need to make a service call to our team. We value our clients and they are unwaveringly lovely people, but we’re guessing that you don’t want to pay for us to come out just to chat.

If your thermostat is not set properly, it can be embarrassing to have a professional technician point that out for you. We’ll do it politely—we promise! But let’s skip the middleman and make sure that you haven’t accidentally set the thermostat inappropriately,  or even left a heat pump in heating mode. Once you’ve ruled that out, definitely give us a call.

It Could Be Your Ductwork

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air, but only to one specific area of your home? Then it is possible that you are dealing with damaged ductwork. If your ductwork is leaking, then it may be pulling hot air from unconditioned spaces into the system. When that happens, those areas relying on the damaged section of ductwork can be thusly affected.

You are not going to be able to fix this problem on your own. You need professionals not only to seal, repair, or replace that section of ductwork, but also to pinpoint the source of the problem to begin with. We’re the pros for the job.

You Could Have a Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant in your heat pump or central air conditioning system is the heat transfer fluid that allows you to cool your home. Without a proper refrigerant charge, your system is going to struggle to do so effectively. Worse yet, a low refrigerant charge could result in serious damages to your system! Refrigerant is recycled throughout the system over and over. It is not consumed. Low levels mean leaks! We’ll pinpoint the leak, fix it, and charge your system properly for you.

G–O–E–T–T–L—it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.


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