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Is My Thermostat Thwarting My Air Conditioner?

When you come home on a very hot summer day — and we certainly have plenty of those — you expect to be met with a cool, comfortable environment, thanks to the diligent performance of your home cooling system. Unfortunately, there is no way in which to guarantee with certainty that your AC in Tucson, AZ will always function precisely as it ought to. Not all cooling issues are indicative of problems with your compressor, condenser, or evaporator coil, though.

If you are unable to cool your home with the quality that you demand, it could be due to a subpar performance from your thermostat. There are a few different reasons why your thermostat may fail to regulate your system as successfully as possible. Read on, and be sure to dial our number if it looks like professional intervention is necessary.

Potential Causes of Subpar Cooling

First things first, it is entirely possible that your thermostat is actually malfunctioning. It may be registering cooler temperature levels than you actually have in your home, which will cause your system to short cycle, shutting down after running only briefly. Not only does this leave your home less comfortable than it should be, but it actually wastes a lot of energy, driving up cooling costs even as your comfort suffers. It can lead to excessive wear and tear and an increased risk of damage, too.

If you have a very old thermostat with a mercury switch in it, you should seriously consider replacing it. You’ll be able to enjoy a more efficient and accurate performance from a newer, digital or programmable model. That being said, this type of thermostat can actually malfunction if it is not entirely level on the wall. Re-calibration may be necessary to get it back on track.

It could also be that your thermostat is just not ideally situated in your home. If it is right next to a duct, window, or door, or if it is installed on an exterior wall, it may not be reading temperatures that are representative of those throughout your house. We can find the right place for it.

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