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Is It Possible that My AC Is Leaking Water?

We are hugely dependent upon our air conditioning systems during the intensely hot summer season in this part of the country. Indeed, the slightest sign of trouble with one’s air conditioner is enough to generate major concern. That is why we advise homeowners throughout the area to contact us the moment that they suspect the need for air conditioning repairs in Tucson, AZ. One concern that we hear from homeowners every now and then is that their air conditioning systems are leaking water. As you’ll learn in the following post, though, such problems are not always as clear cut as they seem. That is why you must enlist the services of a qualified AC repair professional. 

Your AC Does Not Contain or Use Water

Wait a minute, you may be thinking, I’m looking at a puddle of water around my AC as we speak: what gives? Well, the fact of the matter is that you may well have water surrounding your air conditioner, but your system is not technically leaking water. Your air conditioner doesn’t use water in its operation, the way that it does refrigerant. There is no component in your system that can develop a water leak, then. So where did the water come from?

A very possible cause of the “leak” is a backed up drain line. When your air conditioner cools the air passing over the evaporator coil in the system, it draws humidity out of that air. This moisture condensates, and that condensation is removed from your system and your home via the condensate drain line. If that drain line is damaged, or if the drain pan is off kilter, then the condensate may back up or spill out.

You could also have an issue with low airflow or a refrigerant leak that is causing the evaporator coil to ice over. When that ice melts, the resulting water can drip out around the system. This is a potentially serious problem, so be sure never to say “Oh, it’s just a little water.”

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