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Is Duct Testing a Worthwhile Service?

Some homeowners think that the fact that their air ducts are blowing heated or cooled air throughout the house means that those air ducts are in fine working condition. Well, we’re here to tell you that functional air ducts are not necessarily functioning properly, let alone as efficiently as they ought to. Because air ducts are not largely visible in the home, problems with those ducts may go undiagnosed—and unresolved—for a considerable stretch of time. Not so, though, when you schedule professional duct testing in Phoenix, AZ. Contact a member of our staff the moment that you suspect that your air ducts are compromised, so that a pro from Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning can complete your duct testing. 

Hissing or Whistling Sounds

A common warning sign that one’s air ducts are not in good shape is a whistling or hissing sound coming from them as the heater or AC runs. Now, your HVAC system is certainly not going to function silently. However, unusual noises such as these really must be evaluated by a trained professional. Otherwise, the problem is only likely to get worse, along with its other symptoms. With professional duct testing, you’ll know for sure if these are the sounds of air leaks.

High Energy Costs

It would be great to heat and cool one’s home for free throughout the year, but all homeowners know that this is just not the case. However, you should also have some idea of how much  it generally costs to do so. If you find that your heating and cooling costs are skyrocketing, though you’ve not been using your HVAC system any more frequently than normal, you may be wasting energy via faulty ductwork. Again, professional duct testing will determine if this is the case with certainty.

Low Indoor Air Quality

Does it seem like the dust and dirt in your home is more persistent than usual? Are your allergies or asthma symptoms flaring up with great frequency? The fault could actually be with your ductwork. If you have damaged air ducts that let pollutants into the system, then those very same air ducts can distribute those pollutants throughout your entire home. Contact us to have the situation assessed professionally.

All our technicians are "Sadie Certified"

Applicants meet the family dog before being hired and pass the Sadie test. If Sadie doesn’t like an applicant, we bet you won’t be comfortable with them in your home. We want to make it for sure that we are putting the right person in your house.