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Is an AC Replacement on the Horizon?

Few people are likely to argue that purchasing a new central air conditioning system is the most exciting way in which to spend their money. However, replace our air conditioners we must, as they, like all other mechanical systems, will eventually fail. The question is not if you will have to replace your system, but when.

One fact to keep in mind is that you really don’t want to wait for your AC to suffer a catastrophic breakdown before scheduling your air conditioning replacement in Phoenix, AZ. Our summer weather is just far too hot to risk going without your home cooling system for any amount of time. That is why you should learn to spot the warning signs that the need for AC replacement is nigh. Remember to call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning if and when you realize that your AC needs to be replaced. 

  • Frequent Repair Needs: While we certainly wouldn’t suggest that you just cast aside your air conditioning system at the first sign of trouble, you must be honest with yourself when the time comes to repair your system. At some point, repair needs may become frequent enough to justify the replacement of an air conditioner. Just because your AC is fixable, after all, does not mean that it is worth fixing. If you are paying to have your system repaired frequently, you may be better off simply replacing it with a more reliable model.
  • High Operating Costs: Even if your air conditioner seems to be cooling your home just fine, it may still be beneficial to replace it. Very high operating costs can really add up over time, especially in as hot a climate as ours. The amount that you’ll save in cooling your home with a more efficient AC over the years to come may be easily capable of offsetting the initial investment amount of a new system.
  • Age of System: You may be proud of your air conditioner for starting up at the beginning of another cooling system, but are you sure that it will make it to the finish line? If your system is really getting on in years, you may want to let it go out on a high note and replace it before it gives out on you in the midst of the cooling season. Contact a member of our staff to discuss available replacement models.


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