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Is a Heat Pump a Good Investment?

Keeping a home comfortable in Arizona requires that you have a great air conditioner installed therein. While we certainly don’t use our heating systems as much as we do our air conditioners, though, it is still important that we are able to warm up our homes when they are uncomfortably cold. If you are interested in doing both with just one convenient, efficient system, then you may want to give the use of a heat pump in Tucson, AZ some serious consideration. Heat pumps are not new systems, but it has really been relatively recently that they’ve gained major traction in the residential sector. Read the information below, and schedule your heat pump services with the technicians at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning if you decide that a heat pump is right for you.

How Do Heat Pumps Operate?

If you are wondering how it is that a single HVAC system can both heat and cool a home, then know that you are not alone. The idea confounds many upon first learning of it, but heat pumps are indeed capable of operating in such a manner. The key lies in the reversing valve, a component which allows for the reversal of refrigerant cycle. During our long, hot cooling season, your heat pump will function like a split central air conditioner. The refrigerant in the system will absorb heat from the air in the house, and that heat is vented outdoors. The resulting cooled air is then redistributed throughout the house. However, during the winter—mild as it may be around here—the refrigerant cycle reverses, drawing heat from the air outside. This warms the refrigerant, which is then compressed, and that heat is then used to heat up the interior living space.

Why Use a Heat Pump, Though?

While the ability to heat and cool one’s home using just one system is in itself enticing, the major benefit of the heat pump is its exceptional heating efficiency. Because heat is transferred, rather than being created, only a very small amount of energy is used in the heating process. Our winters are mild enough that you don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures overloading the system, either. To ensure that your heat pump is of the right size for your home, and expertly installed, just remember to schedule service with us.

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