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Improve Your Air Quality with an Indoor Air Quality Upgrade

Are you dissatisfied with the stuffy, uncomfortable air that comes out of your air conditioning unit? While cool, your air may also suffer from being excessively humid, or full of contaminants such as dust, pollen, and dander. While performance and energy efficiency are important factors in air conditioning, fewer things are more important to your livelihood than air quality inside your Phoenix home. Unfortunately, modern home design has prioritized insulation over ventilation; and while that has resulted in incredibly energy efficient homes, it also means that our living spaces are prone to air quality problems. If you’re ready to improve your cooling experience and Phoenix air quality with an indoor air quality upgrade, then call Goettl Good Guys today. We can cover all of your Phoenix air conditioning and indoor air quality needs.

There Are Several Indoor Air Quality Upgrades worth Considering for Installation in Your Home

Let’s take a look at just a few:

  • UV germicidal lights. Mold can be a problem for any home. It thrives in dark, moist conditions, and one such location is within your air ducts. This is especially problematic because it’s so difficult to detect with routine inspection or by visible growth. When cool air flows throughout your HVAC system, it tends to make the mold spores airborne. The installation of UV germicidal lights is a great way to destroy mold before it can reach your living space.
  • Humidifier. It tends to get hot and dry during the summer, and just as humid air can be stuffy, dry air can be equally uncomfortable. It can lead to dry and cracked skin, as well as damage to wooden furniture, floors, and molding. A humidifier integrated directly into your HVAC system ensures that you are able to control the relative humidity of your home.
  • Air cleaner. Depending on what type of contaminant you have in your home, you may benefit from a mechanical or electronic air cleaner. Mechanical air cleaners use filters to capture particles, while electronic models ionize the particles for capture on a collector plate.

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