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HVAC Tip: Use a Zone Control System

During the summer season, when temperatures really soar, you likely run your air conditioner pretty much non-stop. During the winter season, you don’t have quite as much use for your heater, though it does come in handy for a couple of months out of the year. In either season, though, you may not want to maintain one temperature throughout the entire house. With a zone control system in Tucson, AZ, you won’t have to.

Read on to learn more about how zone control gives you greater control over your heating and cooling. Contact a member of our team with any questions that you may have.

Multiple Thermostats Allow You More Precise Control

You don’t just have a single light switch in your home that turns on every light, right? Why run your AC or heater throughout the entire house using just one thermostat? With zone control, you won’t have to.

Say you’re having a big family gathering, and you are cooking all day long in the kitchen in preparation. Now imagine that it is August and that the temperature outside is really sweltering. You need your air conditioner to keep your kitchen temperature tolerable as you toil away in there. But it doesn’t really make sense to cool the bedrooms at the same level, does it?

Zone control systems use dampers in the ductwork of your forced-air HVAC system in order to direct airflow where it is needed. That means that you can regulate the temperature in any given zone, such as the kitchen, independently of others, such as the bedrooms upstairs. If the living room warms up early in the morning as the sun rises, you don’t necessarily want to heat it as much as you do the bedrooms overnight in the winter. With zone control, you can tweak temperature settings accordingly. Never again will you have to choose between comfort and efficiency.

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