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HVAC FAQ: Is a Furnace Right for Me?

furnace-technicianHere in Nevada, we are not exactly known for our chilling winter weather. Just because winters are pretty mild around here, though, and our summer heat is so intense, is no reason for overlooking the importance of a great heating system. When the chill of winter does settle in, particularly at night, you’ll be glad that you remembered to schedule your heating services with the Las Vegas HVAC professionals on our staff. Are you in the market for a new heater this year?

If so, then we strongly encourage you to take the time necessary in order to familiarize yourself with your various heating options. Fortunately for us, we don’t suddenly wake up to arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall the way people in some other parts of the country do. We have time to do it right, and that is why you should take advantage of that time to get to know the different heaters available to you. One that many homeowners turn to is the furnace.

Furnace Pros and Cons

Like any heating system, you are going to have to weigh the pros and cons of using a furnace to warm your home. First of all, with a furnace, you are going to be heating your entire house to one temperature throughout. This is in contrast to a ductless mini split system, which uses multiple blowers throughout the house, which are controlled independently of one another. You can definitely have a ducted system zoned out, but it is really best to do this at the time of installation. If you have an older existing furnace, it may not actually be compatible with zone control at all.

Additionally, you should consider the fact that a furnace is a single-function system. This is in contrast to heat pumps, both ductless and ducted alike. With those systems, you can basically just reverse their operation from summer to winter to allow for year-round comfort. If you have a new AC, but need a new heater, then you may not want to replace both with a heat pump at this time, though.

Gas vs. Electric

Another big consideration is whether you’ll use natural gas or electricity to generate heat. Natural gas tends to be the favorite, as it is quite affordable and relatively clean-burning for a fossil fuel. Plus, it is a largely domestic product and is quite versatile, capable of fueling other appliances, as well.

Electricity itself is relatively expensive, so electric furnaces — famed for their efficiency since they lose no heat to flue gases — can still cost more to run than gas models. However, because we don’t use our furnaces all that much around here, the increased cost may not be something that you’re too concerned about.

So there you have it. Furnaces are effective, efficient, and quite reliable. They’re also not ideal for everyone, though. If you have further questions or are ready to schedule your own furnace services, just give Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas a call.

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