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Our Las Vegas HVAC professionals love nothing more than satisfying our customers. While providing you with exceptional customer and technical services for all of your HVAC service needs is obviously the main way in which we do this, we are also happy to help you heat and cool your home more efficiently. Today, we’ll focus our post on providing you with some tips for doing just that. Keep them in mind, and you may be better able to keep your energy costs under control.

While we cannot give you some secret that is going to magically make your heater or AC more efficient than what its performance is rated for, we can give you some pointers for simple ways in which to reduce the amount of energy that it uses in keeping your home comfortable. You don’t have to replace your entire system to scale back on energy costs in your home. That is definitely an option to consider, but before you go that far, give these tips a shot instead.

  • Upgrade your thermostat. Are you still using an old manual thermostat to maintain temperatures throughout your house? If so, then you are probably relying on guesswork much more than you should be when setting that thermostat. In order to set your system more accurately, consider upgrading to a basic digital thermostat — at least! Better yet, use a programmable thermostat that will help you to cater the operation of your HVAC system to your own personal schedule.
  • Use your ceiling fans year round. Ceiling fans are a fine aesthetic addition to any home. However, they can also help you to live more comfortably while cutting back on cooling costs, as well. No, your ceiling fans are not going to actively cool the air in your home the way that an air conditioner will. However, they can help to keep conditioned air circulating, helping your system to cool your home more efficiently. Running your heater? Then flip the switch on your fans to reverse their direction, allowing them to force heated air back down into the living space.
  • Schedule routine HVAC maintenance. If you have read our blog or visited our site before, then this is probably not much of a surprise to you. When it comes to getting the most dependable, effective, and efficient performance possible from any heating or air conditioning system, nothing beats routine HVAC maintenance. When your system is tuned up annually, it is going to give you the most cost-effective performance that it is capable of.
  • Boost the insulation in your home. No, insulation is not just there to help prevent heat from escaping a house in the winter time. It is there to prevent unwanted heat transfer throughout the year. That means preventing heat from getting into your home during the cooling season, as well. If you don’t have sufficient insulation in your home, then it is going to be harder than it should be for your HVAC system(s) to do their job.

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