How Zone Control Helps Your Heating

Central heating systems may see widespread popularity, but that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. They are normally only capable of heating all or none of the house, nothing in-between. They are slaved to a single thermostat, which is only capable of monitoring the temperature in the room in which it is located. Finally, they’re simply inefficient, wasting energy on heating areas that are either already at a good temperature or are completely unoccupied. It is these issues that prompted the invention of zone control. Let’s examine what zone control is, and how it can help improve your heating system.

Zone Control

Zone control works by splitting your home’s ductwork into smaller zones, one for each room. It does this through the installation of dampers in the ductwork leading to each room. Each damper is connected to a thermostat, which is installed in the corresponding room. When the temperature provokes the thermostat to turn on the heating, it also opens the damper to that room to let the heat in. The other thermostats will keep their dampers closed unless their rooms are also in need of heat.


Zone control solves each of the major problems with central heating systems. It involved the installation of multiple thermostats, ensuring that the whole house is not affected by a single thermostat that can only monitor one small area. This eliminates the hot and cold spots inherent to normal heating systems.

Zone control also prevents energy from being wasted on areas that don’t need it. If everyone in your house is occupying only one or two rooms, there is no reason to heat the rest of the house. Zone control funnels all of that heat to those one or two rooms. This means the heater doesn’t have to work as long before reaching the target temperature, which means that you save money.

If you have a central heating system, you should seriously consider installing a zone control system. It provides a myriad of benefits, with no real downside.

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