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How Technicians Choose the Proper AC Size

One of the important aspects of a great air conditioning installation is properly sizing the unit before it is installed. An air conditioner must be right size for the space it will cool—neither too weak nor too powerful—or else it will cause a long string of headaches and high bills until its breaks down prematurely. If an AC has too small a cooling load, it will fail to adequately keep the house comfortable and run continually, wasting energy and rapidly wearing down. An AC with too large a cooling load will start to “short cycle,” turning off before completing the cooling cycle, which places immense stress on the unit and leads to a reduced lifespan and increased bills.

Determining the right sized air conditioner for a home is a job you need to leave to installation specialists. Don’t attempt to guess the size of the system for your new air conditioning installation in Catalina, AZ: call for the professionals at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and let them take care of the work. They will make sure you receive the ideal new AC to keep you cool any time of the year.

The heat load calculation

The process of finding out the amount of cooling (in tons) that an air conditioner must provide to maintain a comfortable temperature in a home is called the heat load calculation. This is a complex process that collates data from around the house in order to assess how much heat the building loses and gains. Using this information, technicians can narrow down the right size AC to do the job of cooling the space down.

Here are some of the factors that go into a heat load calculation:

  • Volume of space to cool. Square footage isn’t enough to tell the cooling load a house needs: the technicians must know the volume of each of the rooms.
  • Number of windows and their facing. One of the major places where heat enters a home is through direct sunlight on the windows. Technicians will account for the number of windows in a house and how much sunlight they receive on average during the day.
  • Heat generated from other appliances. Another major source of heat in a home comes from within: appliances like stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and monitors.
  • Number of people in the house. The residents of a house also generate heat, so the heat load calculation must take them into account as well.
  • Insulation. The better insulation a home has—especially in the attic—the better it prevents outside heat from entering and raising the temperature.

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