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How Humidifiers Benefit Your Mesa Home

The Valley of the Sun is one of the driest heavily populated regions in the U.S. We experience scorching summer temperatures with humidity levels that can drop below 33%. Although the dry climate has its advantages—it’s easier for a body to cool down in areas of low moisture because sweat evaporates so fast—it also brings problems with it, some of which manifest during the winter. Even during the summer, you can benefit from looking into whole-house humidifiers in Mesa, AZ.

Although you can purchase portable, single-room humidifiers, these have limited usefulness (they work best to help babies sleep and for people with breathing problems). Only professional whole-house humidifier installation can treat the troubles from dryness in a home.

Contact the air quality experts at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today to find out more about having a humidifier installed into your home’s heating and cooling system.

How a humidifier benefits your home (and the people inside it)

  • Improved comfort: “Dry heat” is synonymous with “tolerable heat.” But low humidity can also lead to you feeling too cold. Dry air pulls heat from your body, and on cooler days this will lead to you feeling colder than the air around you. You will end up needing to turn your heater on earlier and run it more often. Restoring the humidity balance above 33% will help you feel more comfortable: remember, balance is best when it comes to the moisture in the air. (Another small comfort benefit from a humidifier: fewer static electrical shocks.)
  • Protects furnishings: Extreme dryness in a home will cause damage to some surfaces and furniture. Wood is especially susceptible to this, and wood panels, floorboards, and fixtures will begin to warp and crack as all the moisture leaves them. This will devastate valuable antiques. Paint will also start to peel and chip off surfaces. If you have precision wooden devices in your home, such as musical instruments, aridity can ruin them.
  • Fewer health problems: A number of health issues are connected to low humidity. Dry and flaky skin and chapped lips are common and immediately noticeable. There are more serious conditions: respiratory infections, congestions, nose and throat trouble. A dry climate also encourages the inculcation and spread of some viruses, and will often make people feel lethargic and “low.”

The climate in the Valley of the Sun (300 days of sunshine a year) makes it important to consider humidifiers for a Mesa, AZ home. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has helped take care of people with excellent installation of humidifiers and other air quality appliances for decades. Contact us to alleviate the low humidity in your home.

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